You will have to update Uber to its latest available version, and then enable Uber in Siri’s App Support section by going to Settings -> Siri -> App Support and turning on the toggle beside “Uber“. After that, tap on Manage Storage (at the top under iCloud storage option). If you are like me, this hack is for you. The option for booking an Uber directly from the Siri interface is currently unavailable (though it was in the past), but we hope that the ride-sharing company makes use of iOS 12’s Shortcuts and lets you hail cabs in fewer steps in future. This can be used as a command to find all of your files, and you can even add constraints to it, to find files from a specific time frame. Be sure to end each of your commands with “On/from Spotify” so that the virtual assistant can understand which services to access. 101 funny things to ask siri for iPhone and Android 2020. All you have to do is trigger the personal assistant and say something like “show photos from December 27” “Look up my videos taken at India Gate, New Delhi.”. For example, if I want Siri to recognize that Akshay Gangwar is my brother, I can simply launch Siri and say “Akshay Gangwar is my bro“, and it will assign the relationship to the contact, so the next time I need to call him, I can say “Call my bro“, and Siri will know which contact to use. You can even use Siri to create notes on your Mac. "I'm telling jokes to lots of folks. All rights reserved. Needless to say, it’s way more straightforward than the traditional method. "Gimmie an I! If your pocket ever runs out of cash, you can use Siri to request money from your friend. We had "Seriously? Siri has a couple of replies here. I sent a raven, but I haven't heard back". "Well, since a 'woodchuck' is really a groundhog, the correct question would be: How many pounds in a groundhog's mound when a groundhog pounds hog mounds. If you like to keep a track of the latest news, why not ask Siri to let you instantly tune into the news headlines wherever you are. 10 Siri Hacks You Need To Try Everyone knows you can ask Siri to search the web for things, read your email out loud and have some Buzzfeed worthy conversations with her. Launch Siri, and say “Call an Uber“. However, if you don’t want to launch the FaceTime app, search for the contact and then proceed to calling them, you can ask Siri to do it for you. Hey Siri, what is Inception about? and "I'm not the marrying kind". Siri won’t actually click a selfie for you but it would be kind enough to initiate the first step for you. "Knock, knock. You can make this easier by asking Siri to schedule the event. Simply launch Siri, and say “FaceTime “, and Siri will start a FaceTime call with the contact. Hey Siri, what do you mean I’m funny? Simply launch Siri and say “Hey Siri, what’s it like to be you?”. For example, you can say “Search for tweets from Tim Cook“, and Siri will bring up a list of the latest tweets from the @tim_cook handle, right inside the Siri window. Hey Siri, do you feel lucky punk? "Why? 'always wait a half hour after eating before going in the water'". List of 20 Best Notepad Tricks, Hacks & Commands in 2020. "Checking my sources...confirmed. I fell asleep.". "My personal taste in music is rather unconventional. Siri will take the help of Find My app to let you know the location of your friends. How to Make Siri Mad & 33 Other Funny Things to Ask Siri The web is full of articles on cool things like how to make Siri rap, how to make Siri mad, and lots of other crazy Siri tricks. //]]>. Aside from letting you spot your pics captured at a specific time and place, Siri can also help you track down your friends and loves ones. I doubt you'd like it.". Easy, right? To create a calendar event, just say “Schedule an event at