If there is a will, there is a way, and this quiz can help! } Jun 27, 2019 - Take this free color analysis quiz and find out your possible seasonal color palette. //--> Why do you always grab that certain shirt or dress in your closet? Then, you’re put in a season type! 1 Comment. function highlightQuizRow(checkbox_id) { light and cool: light ash blonde } Seasonal color online quiz. my_alert = my_alert + "• 'What color is your hair? What colors are your ~soul~?! '\n"; else { Color Me Beautiful wrote the book on color, 25 MILLION COPIES SOLD! AUTUMN is Deep, Warm and Muted. Light: blue or green Warm: turquoise, blue-green, greenish brown, hazel Soft: grayish blue or green, soft hazel Cool: grayish blue, grayish brown, gray Clear: bright blue, green or brown Deep: deep warm brown, brown, black-brown, black. alert("Please answer the following questions:\n\n"+my_alert); } Have a look around and see what we're about. result = false; You can totally rock all of the three palettes in your season though ! Just answer this series of questions, and you will find out just what season you are. ColorEnalysis.com has been a trusted source for free online color analysis for over 16 years. Clear Winter. But rather than slip into despair (black isn't the only color, after all), take this quiz to reveal what color palette best suits you. - The right colors can help you look younger and more refreshed - Buying choices become much faster and easier - You build a working wardrobe that is versatile, yet perfectly coordinated - Eliminating wrong color choices saves you time and money If you're looking to make shopping MUCH easier by finding out your color season, take this quiz to find out whether you're a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter! We are THE personal color authority, bringing you a color cosmetics assortment that is sure to enhance your own personal color palette. Click here to go to Step 1. Click a swatch to see the color appear in the color picker. soft: soft ash blonde or light ash brown -... 2 .q_image_td {padding-top:11px; padding-bottom:11px; padding-right:7px; padding-left:7px; width:100px;} What's The Color Palette Of Your Personality? If this color palette isn't right for you and you need to 'FLOW' into another Season, then you are in the wrong color palette. if (document.my_form.a272491.value == 0) { } What is GotoQuiz? my_alert = my_alert + "• 'What color do you look best in? Click on your season below and find out which garment colors should be in your closet from now on. The 4-Season Method Take a moment and think about the colors of the seasons with the help of the images below. if (document.my_form.a272520.value == 0) { } HUE defines the color family. LIGHT, DEEP, WARM, COOL, BRIGHT and MUTED/SOFT. '\n"; my_alert = my_alert + "• 'What color jewelry looks best on you? .option_td {padding-top:10px; padding-bottom:10px;} Each color is either warm or cool. For decades, Color Me Beautiful has been at the forefront of color science. Take this free color analysis quiz and find out your possible seasonal color palette. It's not unusual and it's not a … Clear Spring. '\n"; '\n"; When you're done, you'll get your Color Code and a complimentary sampling of the latest trend colors to use on your iPhone or Android, anytime, anywhere. for (var i=0; i
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